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We expect our pupils to demonstrate excellent behaviour at all times. We believe that discipline originates from mutual respect for each other. Our approach is to praise children being good and reward them with encouragement.

Golden Rules

We have five Golden Rules that staff and pupils have agreed upon which form a code of behaviour 

Respect others – be honest, kind and polite.

Listen to and follow the instructions of the school staff.

Keep your hands, feet and unkind words to yourself.

Try your best at all times and allow others to do the same.

Take care of our school and its community

We wish our children to show independence and a sense of responsibility. Our ultimate aim is to develop children’s self discipline so that they behave with care, courtesy and good manners, showing a respect for other people and property.


Unacceptable anti-social behaviour is not tolerated. Parents are informed of a serious breach of good behaviour and joint action is taken in the best interests of the child concerned.


We do ask for support from parents and it is sometimes necessary to enlist your help in discipline matters so that we may all work together to ensure a constant standard of good behaviour at school.