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York Day 1 pt. 1


We have had a super start to the day. The bus journey was smooth sailing with no green faces, the weather for our lunch was beautiful and our first adventures have been very exciting. Mr Vanstone was even reunited with his favourite train 🤓🤓.



York part 1

York part 1 1
York part 1 2
York part 1 3

York Day 1 part 2


We're coming to the end of day one now. Miss Wright has kept everyone interested with her in-depth locomotion knowledge (we didn't have the heart to tell her that the dance has nothing to do with how trains work). 


Rain has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works for the evening activities but we're inside now and making catapults. 


Here are some more pictures from the day. We'll get the teachers to try to keep you as up to date as they can, so keep checking back. 

York Day 1 part 2

York Day 1 part 2 1
York Day 1 part 2 2
York Day 1 part 2 3

York Day 2 


We are nearly at the end of our busiest day here in York and it has been brilliant. We are in the middle of a class v class dance-off and it seems Miss Wright's Locomotion lecture may have been useful after all. Y4V need to stop getting their moves from their teacher.


The first night is always the trickiest for sleep as the activities and the bunk beds seem to be a dangerously exciting mix. Having made it through the first night, we set off into town. The classes split for the day and alternate activities with Y4V heading to DIG first and Y4W experiencing Viking life in The Jorvik Centre. The children impressed the staff with their knowledge of the era and they loved uncovering buildings and bones to find clues about the people that lived here.


After lunch, it was on to The Shambles and the Castle Museum. Here we walked through a Victorian street, hung out in Dick Turpin's last bedroom, looked at toys through the ages, experienced what life was like in a WW1 trench, looked at life in the 60s and learnt how different a child's life was in the 1800s. Oh.... And we dressed up as sweets. Spot the Gethin 🙂




York Day 2

York Day 2 1
York Day 2 2
York Day 2 3
York Day 2 4
York Day 2 5
York Day 2 6
York Day 2 7
York Day 2 8
York Day 2 9
York Day 2 10
York Day 2 11
York Day 2 12
York Day 2 13
York Day 2 14

York Day 2

York Day 2 1
York Day 2 2
York Day 2 3
York Day 2 4
York Day 2 5
York Day 2 6

York Day 3


It's the final day here in York and the sun is shining. Y4V are enjoying the boat trip at the moment, with great city views and a thrilling running commentary. Did you know that at St Peter's school (where Guy Fawkes went to school), the head boy is permitted to graze his goats on the field, grow a beard, and smoke a pipe? 


Meanwhile, Y4W are being shown around Northern Europe's 2nd largest gothic cathedral. This is a nice relaxing end to our trip to York. Everybody has a different favourite part to their trip but it has been an all round success. There may be some tired boys and girls when we get back, despite a fantastic night's sleep last night. 


Here are some pictures from today:

Day 3

Day 3 1
Day 3 2
Day 3 3
Day 3 4
Day 3 5
Day 3 6
Day 3 7
Day 3 8
Day 3 9