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On occasion you may wish to make a complaint about the school. Our view is that most issues can be resolved without commencing a formal complaint process. 


Parents, carers or guardians should, in the first instance, make an appointment to speak to the class teacher about the concern. This appointment can be made by telephone via the school office, in person, or by writing a request in your child’s Reading Record direct to the class teacher. Many concerns can be resolved by simple clarification or the provision of information and most concerns or complaints are normally resolved at this point. If necessary, members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team may be involved at this stage.


If the complaint has not been resolved by this stage, parents should ask for an appointment to meet with the Assistant Principal (Miss Wright) or Vice Principal (Mr Lawrie). Prior to the meeting, discussions may take place with the class teacher to gain background information. In some circumstances where it is deemed appropriate and necessary, the class teacher may also be present in the meeting.


If the member of staff first contacted cannot resolve the matter immediately, they should make a clear not of the date, name, contact address, phone number and brief details of the concern/complaint. This information will be passed to the Principal at the earliest opportunity.