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Maladministration of 2015 SATs

In January 2016 the former headteacher of WCLA, Mr Alan 'Graham' Prince, was contacted by the STA (the organisation who administer SATs) to be informed that maladministration had been identified in the way the 2015 Mental Maths test paper had been carried out. It was identified that answers had been changed outside of test conditions.


In August 2017 Mr Prince was prohibited from teaching for a minimum of two years after he admitted tampering with test papers and bringing the reputation of the profession into disrepute.


The matter is now considered closed by the school as we look forward to welcoming our children back for the new school year.

The head and governors have released this statement following the press reports this week:

"As you may be aware, today [25th August 2017] the Secretary of State announced that she approved the recommendation of the National College of Teaching and Learning that Graham Prince should be prohibited from teaching as a result of his admission that he was responsible for altering the papers of 26 children who sat the 2015 SATS. Mr Prince was of course the headteacher at our school from 2005 until he resigned in 2016.


We are proud of the governors whose decisive actions last year, under very difficult circumstances, have been completely vindicated by this decision. As a school we have always remained committed to upholding the very highest standards of honesty and integrity for our children. At times, this meant that, for legal reasons, we could not always explain the situation at Church Lane in the depth and detail that parents wanted. We hope you can now appreciate why it was that we acted in this manner.


We also wanted to express our gratitude to the staff who were unfairly brought into the investigation last year when Mr Prince did not initially admit that he had made changes to the test papers. Their unwavering professionalism and commitment to the school highlights just how fortunate we are to have them working at Church Lane.


We wanted to send this message to parents and carers because as far as we are concerned Mr Prince’s admission and subsequent prohibition from teaching finally brings this ordeal to a close. We could not be more proud of the way the children, staff and governors have conducted themselves throughout."

You can read the misconduct panel outcome here: