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At WCLA we follow the National Curriculum for Music. Within the curriculum there are seven areas of musical development. 

1. Vocal expression - Children develop their voices using song and rhymes.

2. Play instruments - Children learn to play a variety of tuned and untuned instruments.

3. Create and compose - Children learn to compose and perform melodies and songs.

4. Listen and understand - Children learn to listen to a wide range of appreciate a range of musical styles.

5. Listen and rehearse - Children learn to listen to a variety of sounds accurately sounds. Then they will reflect and improve their work.

6. Patterns - Children learn to develop an understanding and apply basic musical notation.

7. Music Over time - Children learn to develop an understanding of the history of music. Children will study a great composer to inspire their own composition.

We use a detailed skills progression document to plan and deliver music lessons. This ensures that all the musical skills are developed from Reception - Year 6.



Children sing a range of songs in the school choir. Children have an opportunity to perform in a variety of different situations.


Wider Opportunities Music

In Year 4, pupils have the unique opportunity to play either a brass instrument, a woodwind instrument or a percussion instrument. They are taught to play a series of notes over the year, learn about tempo and pitch, and learn to play a range of songs.  At the end of the year pupils perform these songs to their parents.