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Our Curriculum


Our Topics


•Woodland Wonderland (Autumn term)

–Improving the school woodland area


•Space (Spring term)

–Linking topic with science – it’s out of this world


•Ancient Greece (Summer term)

–NEW: Exploring Ancient Greece and the lives of its people

Our School Values

In year 5 we have been using our school values in all that we do.


We have had lots of opportunities to be spiders and show our creative side.

'During our art lessons we had to be spiders and experiment with different types of media.' -Lauren 


We have also had the chance to be snow leopards and challenge ourselves in a number of ways. When talking about Whitemoor Lakes, this is what Abigail had to say:

'Some of it was terrifying at first and definitely a challenge but we overcame our worries like true snow leopards.'


This year we took part in Bikeability. During our sessions we showed off our hedgehog attributes.

'During our lessons we had to keep safe, show self-control and be aware of our surroundings at all times.' -Claudia


'Working together as a team is something that we believe we are extremely good at in Year five...' -Billy 

Throughout year 5 we have shown our ability to be excellent dolphins; whether this is during our lessons in school or during our residential and school trips.


These are our 4 values: