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P.E at Church Lane


Each class is required take part in 2 lessons of P.E per week.

EYFS begin P.E lessons after Christmas.

For one year only! We are lucky enough to have .........


Sale Sharks


rugby coaches teaching lessons across the whole school.

Subjects Covered



EYFS- Dance/Movement, Team Games, Agility/Balance/Co-ordination, Healthy Lifestyles, Athletics, Tag Rugby

Year 1 & 2- Athletics, Gymnastics, Dance, Fundamental Ball Skills, Fundamental Throwing and Catching, Fundamental Attack and Defence Games



Year 3- Football, Athletics, Unihoc, Tag Rugby, OAA, Tennis, Dance, Gymnastics, Rounders

Year 4- Cricket, Athletics, Dance, Football, Tag Rugby, Gymnastics, Tennis, Wheelchair Rugby

Year 5- Tag Rugby, OAA, Street Dance, Handball, Gymnastics, Rounders, Athletics, Swimming

Year 6- Tag Rugby, Athletics, Charleston Dance, Wheelchair Rugby, OAA, Netball

P.E Kits


Summer kit- shorts, house team t-shirt, trainers/pumps

Winter Kit- tracksuit bottoms, house team t-shirt, jumper (house team jumpers can be purchased from the School Office)

It is recommended that KS2 children have trainers instead of pumps.

School Sport Clubs


Each term different sport clubs will be run by members of staff.


Letters will be sent out at the start of each half-term letting you know which clubs you can join, so keep your eyes peeled!!

Information about the clubs running can be found at the School Office.