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Pupils & Curriculum Committee

Minutes are added here after they have been approved at the following meeting. Until approved they are in draft form and are not published.

Membership of Pupils & Curriculum Committee

Chair: Mr John Harrison

Mr James Bancroft

Mrs Angela Clyne

Mrs Claire Coombs

Mr Mike Finnigan

Mr John Leadley

Mr Courtney Marsh

Mrs Lesley Meaney

Mr Barrie Newnes

Mr Stuart York

Record of meeting: Thursday 2nd November 2017

Chair: Mr John Harrison - Present

Mr James Bancroft - Present

Mrs Angela Clyne - Apologies given and accepted

Mrs Claire Coombs - Present

Mr Mike Finnigan - Present

Mr John Leadley - Present

Mr Courtney Marsh - Present

Mrs Lesley Meaney - Present

Mr Barrie Newnes - Present

Mr Stuart York - Present