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Rainbow Challenges

Rainbow Challenges

Here you will find the challenges for each week, the children will be introduced to a new challenge each day.

W/b 20th November

Monday: I can turn my jumper the right way out and put it on independently

Tuesday: I can explain why some animals need to hibernate

Wednesday: I can practise writing the letter 'u'

Thursday: I can explain what happens to numbers when I take away

Friday: I can find three signs of autumn in the outside area

W/b 13th November

Monday: I can complete the picture addition question

Tuesday: I can make, sound out and blend a word

Wednesday: I can describe an autumnal object

Thursday: I can zip my own coat

Friday: I can talk about something I might hear, taste, see or feel in autumn

W.b 30th October

Monday –I can practise writing the letter ‘p’.

Tuesday – I can play with someone new.

Wednesday – I can roll two dice, count the dots and add them together.

Thursday – I can make a story book for The Gingerbread Man.

Friday – I can design my own gingerbread man using lots of different materials.

W.b. 16th October

Monday –I can collect all of my things independently at home time.

Tuesday – I can order the pictures to show the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

Wednesday – I can put at least 5 things away at tidy up time.

Thursday – I can read a levelled book at Busy Bee time.

Friday – INSET

W/b 9th October


Monday –Roll a dice and count the dots. Can you calculate 1 more than that number? Do this 3 times.

Tuesday –Practise the letter ‘m’.

Wednesday – Tell me three words to describe ‘The Three Little Pigs’

Thursday – Play in an area you don’t usually play in.

Friday – Close your eyes and choose a number card. Can you count out that many cubes? Take one away and calculate one less!

W/b 2nd October

Monday: I can look at 2 groups and say which has more

Tuesday: I can practise our letters 'i' and 'n' from this week

Wednesday: I can match Numicon to the numbers 

Thursday: I can practise my Ten Town numbers

Friday: I can retell the the story of the three little pigs

W/b 25th September

Monday: I can find 3 things beginning with 's'

Tuesday: I can count how many bears are having a picnic

Wednesday: I can find 3 things that feel different

Thursday: I can put the correct number of objects into each hoop

Friday: I can listen carefully and hear 3 different sounds.

W/b: 18th September

Monday: I can write my name

Tuesday: Find and copy three numbers from the environment

Wednesday: Practise forming letters they have learnt this week (s & a)

Thursday: I can order numbers (as high as they can)

Friday: I can sort pictures into the sounds they begin with.