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Safety Squad

Hello, we are Church Lane's Safety Squad.

We are a dedicated group of year 5's and 6's who care about you and the school.


So far we have set competitions, have done assemblies and have made posters to put around the school.


What is coming up?

We are looking at having our own lanyards so that we are easily recognisable when you want to speak to us. We are also looking to raise money for a new bench 'The Safety Seat', where you can come and talk to us if you are worried or have nobody to play with.

This week Safety Squad delivered an assembly on keeping safe online. This is part of our Self Awareness value. We used role play to show the children what they shouldn't do when talking to others online.

Key rules:

Don't speak to strangers, even if they say they know you.

Don't be mean to anyone, even your friends.

Don't give your passwords to anyone, including your friends.