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Year Two

Welcome to Year 2!


Year 2 visit to Stockley Farm


Meet the team...


Teacher - Miss L Baugh  

Teaching Assistant - Mrs G Carson


Teacher - Mrs S Storey

Teaching Assistant - Mrs R Beale

Other adults in Y2

Music Teacher - Mrs H Collett

Class Cover - Miss C Amson, Miss S Challinor, Miss S Friesner, Mr R Lawrie

PE (Rugby) - Sale Sharks


Our curriculum...

Term What we are learning Special days
Autumn 1

Topic - Harvest

English - Cumulative stories, Instructions

Maths - Place value, Addition and Subtraction

Science - Plants

Harvest play

Visit to Stockley Farm

Autumn 2

Topic - Famous People

English - Biographies, Stories by the same author (Julia Donaldson)

Maths - Addition and Subtraction, Money, Multiplication

Science - Plants, Animals Including Humans

Famous people dress-up day
Spring 1

Topic - Rainforests

English - Information texts, Familiar settings

Maths - Multiplication and Division, Statistics, Properties of Shape

Science - Animals Including Humans, Living Things and their Habitats

Zoolab in school
Spring 2

Topic - Great Fire of London

English - Diaries, Narrative

Maths - Fractions, Measurement

Science - Living Things and their Habitats, Materials and their Properties

Residential visit to Tattenhall
Summer 1

Topic - Transport

English - Writing in a range of genres for assessment

Maths - Position and Direction, Problem Solving

Science - Materials and their Properties

Transport Day
Summer 2

Topic - Seaside

English - Imagined Settings, Recounts

Maths - Time, Measurement, Investigations

Science - Scientific Investigations

Visit to the seaside



Each week, children will be given the following homework to complete:

  • Maths mat
  • SPaG mat
  • Spellings to learn in preparation for our weekly test


Children are also expected to read three times a week and practice their times tables.

Some weeks, children may be given a written task to complete instead of a Maths and SPaG mat.


Homework should be handed in each week by Thursday.


P.E. days in Year 2 are Tuesdays and Fridays.


P.E. uniform includes:

  • House team t-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Trainers or pumps
  • Tracksuit bottoms and warm tops in the winter


Children should also remember to tie long hair back, cover/take out earrings and bring spare socks if tights are worn to school.



Y2B Tattenhall

Y2B Tattenhall 1
Y2B Tattenhall 2
Y2B Tattenhall 3
Y2B Tattenhall 4
Y2B Tattenhall 5
Y2B Tattenhall 6
Y2B Tattenhall 7
Y2B Tattenhall 8
Y2B Tattenhall 9
Y2B Tattenhall 10
Y2B Tattenhall 11
Y2B Tattenhall 12
Y2B Tattenhall 13
Y2B Tattenhall 14
Y2B Tattenhall 15
Y2B Tattenhall 16
Y2B Tattenhall 17
Y2B Tattenhall 18
Y2B Tattenhall 19
Y2B Tattenhall 20
Y2B Tattenhall 21
Y2B Tattenhall 22
Y2B Tattenhall 23
Y2B Tattenhall 24
Y2B Tattenhall 25
Y2B Tattenhall 26
Y2B Tattenhall 27
Y2B Tattenhall 28
Y2B Tattenhall 29
Y2B Tattenhall 30
Y2B Tattenhall 31
Y2B Tattenhall 32
Y2B Tattenhall 33
Y2B Tattenhall 34
Y2B Tattenhall 35
Y2B Tattenhall 36