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School Meals

Lunch Menu

Dinner Money Collection Policy

Our School Lunches

Pasta Carbonara

Pasta cooked and served in a white sauce, with chopped onions and diced ham.

Chinese Pork with Noodles

Diced pork cooked with ginger, Garlic, spices, & Vegetables, with a light sauce

Served with Rice or Noodles

Lancashire Hot Pot

Diced Lamb, braised with Vegetables, in a light gravy, topped with Sliced potatoes

Sweet potato, Cauliflower, & Spinach Pasta Bake

Diced sweet potato, cauliflower, spinach with onions, garlic and Chopped Tomatoes mixed with pasta.

Pasta Neopolitan

Chopped tomatoes, diced onions, diced Peppers made in to a tomato sauce, served with Pasta. Topped with grated cheese

Pasta Bolognese

Mince Beef, onions, chopped Tomatoes, garlic, herbs, braised to make a lovely bolognese sauce. Mixed with Pasta shapes and served with Garlic bread

Vegetable Tikka Masala

Sticks of Vegetables and tomatoes cooked in a mild curry sauce, Served with Rice

Beef Fajhitas

Strips of Beef, peppers, & onions, seasoning served in a soft tortilla.

Cottage pie

Minced Beef, diced onions, carrots, braised in gravy. Topped with a sweet potato mash topping.

Tomato & Mascarpone Pasta

Chopped tomatoes, Garlic, onions made in to a sauce with mascarpone, then mixed with pasta shapes and served with garlic bread

Spanish Rice pot

Chicken, onions, herbs, spices, chopped tomatoes, diced peppers, braise with rice to make a lovely Spanish dish.

Very similar to Paella.

Beef Curry

Diced beef, braised in a curry sauce with onions and peppers

Nutrition Factsheet

Nutrition Factsheet

Healthy Packed Lunches and Break Time Snacks

Morning Snacks

Children in the infants have free fruit or vegetables to eat every morning.

We offer a Healthy Snack Bar for children in the juniors each morning.

Toast, Bagels every day 30p each

Bacon Baps (Fridays only) 50p each

Milk shake cartons 40p

Cartons of juice 40p

Fresh Fruit 40p

Children should bring healthy snacks - chocolate and sweets should NOT be brought in to school.

Environmental Health

Census Day

Money comes into schools in different ways. One way that money comes into its central budget is from infant school dinners.

The government pay for children in the infants to have a free meal each day. The money is put into the school budget at the start of September (which we receive monthly). In order to decide how much money to allocate each school they carry out a census in the Autumn and Spring Terms. They work out how many infant children have a dinner on those two days and allocate funds accordingly.

  • If a child does not have a dinner on that day but has a dinner every other day of the year, the school would pay for the dinners. This would come out of the school’s central budget.
  • If a child has a dinner on that day and has a dinner every other day, or most days, the government would pay for the dinners throughout the year.
  • If a child has a dinner on that day but does not have one on any other day of the year, the government will allocate funds to pay for a dinner each day of the year. This money would go into the school’s central budget.

If every child in the infants had a child on the census days then we calculate that this would bring in a small amount of additional money to the school’s central budget and no cost incurred by parents or the school.