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Everyone in school is working hard to limit the risks of spread of Covid-19

This page includes some important information about how we are managing this in school. We thank parents and visitors for their support.

You may wish to read the Risk Assessment in the documents below.

It is important that, if your child has symptoms, they have a PCR test. (AN LFD test is not appropriate for symptomatic people.)

Remote Learning

Safeguarding Rules for Remote Learning

It is important that you agree to some safeguarding procedures:

  • The child should participate in the live session in a safe, appropriate environment.
  • Children should be dressed appropriately (no nightwear or swimwear).
  • Children should be able to participate in the session independently, but an adult should always be present in the room during the session.
  • Microphones should be turned off unless the teacher asks you to turn them on.
  • We will need to act on any safeguarding concerns identified during the live session.
  • Should something unexpected occur, the teacher will end the session immediately and without warning.
  • Children are expected to behave responsibly, and any misbehaviour may need to be managed like it would be during a normal school day.
  • If the facility is available on the device being used, please ensure that the camera is on during the session.
  • Please bear in mind that staff members could be working from home and so internet strength can vary. If the members of staff unexpectedly leave the session (due to loss of internet or other technical issue) parents must remove their children from the lesson without delay.
  • Parents and children must not film or record the live sessions in any way whatsoever.
  • Siblings should not be present through the live session.
  • Pupils should be on time – teachers will start the sessions at the published time.
  • The link to the session must not be shared with anyone outside of the class – especially on social media. If we find out that a link has been shared publicly the live session will need to be cancelled.

Please note that a breach of these rules may mean that a child will not be allowed to participate in the live sessions.Remote learning offer


Please contact school if you are having any problems in accessing the daily remote learning due to technical issues or lack of devices. We will do our best to support you if we can. 


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