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We expect our pupils to demonstrate excellent behaviour at all times. We believe that discipline originates from mutual respect for each other. Our approach is to praise children being good and reward them with encouragement.

Golden Rules

Our Golden Rules are based on the values we promote in school. 

Dolphin's Rule

Hedgehog's Rule

Snow Leopard's Rule

Spider's Rule

Key Principles of how we manage behaviour at Wistaston Church Lane

Adapted from Ron Clark's 'The Essential 55'

We have high expectations of our pupils - because when we do, the children around us will meet those expectations.

  • Children need and like structure
  • Children will work hard for you, if they lke who you are as a person
  • Children like to know what is expected of them
  • Children like to know they are cared for

Our Behaviour Policy includes details of our rewards and sanctions which we use to manage behaviour effectively.


General principals of how we manage behaviour at Wistaston Church Lane

  • We will deal with situations in a calm, firm manner avoiding confrontation where possible.
  • We will give frequent praise for good behaviour as well as for good work. We will praise children who are doing the right thing as an incentive for others to follow.
  • We will use positive language whenever possible and as often as possible.
  • We will try to think carefully about what we are saying and set realisic sanctions.
  • Where possible members will try to deal with situations ouselves to enhance our own credibility and authority.
  • We won't leave children unsupervised as a sanction.
  • We will do our best to be consistent whilst taking into account each child's individual needs.
  • No adult in school should ignore unacceptable behaviour.
  • We recognise that children with special needs and disabilities may require their behaviour to be managed differently. We will agree bespoke behaviour management systems for such pupils in discussion with parents.

Principles for working with parents regarding behaviour issues

Adapted from Ron Clark's 'The Essential 55'

  • We will try to ensure that initial contact with parents is a positive one.
  • Any time we talk with parents, we make sure the first comment about their child's performance in the classroom is a positive one.
  • We will send notes home or call parents out of the blue to tell them something good their child did.
  • We will take every possible opportunity to thank parents.
  • Parents should be informed of repeated misbehaviour and should always be told about serious misbehaviour. Where appropriate, children on the receiving end of misbehaviour should be informed by the end of the day.


Involving Parents and Carers

When parents are approached it should be to:

  • Seek their help and support
  • Inform them of any incidents which may cause their child to become distressed or anxious

Involving parents will, in most cases, follow these steps:

  • An informal discussion regarding any incidents of unacceptable behaviour that they need to be aware of. This may happen on more than one occasion.
  • The parents may be asked to come in for a formal meeting with the class teacher; a senior leader may also be present.
  • Parents are asked to come in for a meeting with a member of the Senior Leadership Team
  • It may be necessary to arrange a review meeting.

Exclusion Arrangements

Exclusion is a 'last resort' used by the school only in cases of a serious incident that is in breach of our expectations for behaviour. A pupil may be at risk of exclusion from school for:

  • Verbal or physical assault of a pupil or adult;
  • Persistent and repetitive disruption of lessons and other pupils' learning;
  • Extreme misbehaviour which is deemed outside the remit of the normal range of sanctions (this includes misbehaviour which occurs outside school when wearing school uniform);
  • Extreme online abuse of a pupil or member of staff outside school;
  • Where allowing the pupil to remain in school would seriously harm the education or welfare of the pupil or others in school.

A Fixed Term Exclusion from the school can only be authorised by the Principal or Vice Principal acting on their behalf.


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