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Wellbeing of Pupils

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This page is for children - it is to help you find help or support if you aren't sure who to talk to.

We want to do our best to ensure that you keep yourself active as regular physical activity can increase our self-esteem and can reduce stress and anxiety!


We would love to hear your ideas about what information to include on here.

School is closed but I need some help

At weekends or school holidays there are people you can talk to if you need help.

Ring 999 in an emergency.

You can talk to an adult you trust - a family member or a neighbour.

You can call Childline at 0800 1111.

You can talk to an adult in uniform.

Keeping ourselves healthy

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I have got an online worry

I've seen something online that I don't like: Click here

I am having some trouble on social media: Click here