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Mathematics at Church Lane

“Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do.

Everything around you is mathematics.

Everything around you is numbers.” 
Shakuntala Devi

At Church Lane we believe Maths should be engaging, exciting and should develop our children’s mathematical thinking.

At WCLA, we use a scheme called 'Power Maths' that encourages mastery, which is recommended by the Department of Education. A daily maths lesson allows each child to benefit from concrete, pictorial and abstract experiences in order to cement their knowledge and build confidence in all areas of mathematics.

The scheme challenges appropriately in each year group by using a variation approach to learning. This allows children to apply their existing knowledge during the initial discovery of a concept followed by applying new learning in problem solving and reasoning. Samples of children's work can be seen below.

Teaching is centred around developing a positive attitude, resilience and competence in mathematical concepts and skills. Underpinning this, children build further confidence in understanding number, place value and calculating in addition to the Power Maths scheme through weekly arithmetic sessions. 

We encourage the children to have an initiative and an ability to work both independently and in cooperation with others. We give children the opportunities to explore and find answers of their own, giving them the passion to becoming deep logical mathematicians. We expect our children to justify their conclusions through oral and written methods. 

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Maths Overview 01st Oct 2020 Download