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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1.

The Year One Teachers: Miss Potts and Miss Hulme

Year One Support Staff: Mrs Dyde and Mrs Pownall

PPA Cover (Monday mornings): Miss Friesener and Sports Coaching NW

PE will be one session on Mondays (Sports Coaching NW) and one session on Wednesdays with your class teacher.


Home Learning 15.11.21





Home Learning 16.11.21

Maths - We found all of the number bonds of 5, 6 and 7. Can you find them all in order?

e.g. 0+5=5    1+4=5     2+3=5

Engish - We looked at plurals and how most of the time we just add 's' (like cats turns to cats) but when we see 'sh' 's' 'ch' 'x' or 'z' on the end of a word we add 'es' (like bush turns to bushes).

Can you change these into plurals?

fox,  dog,  bench,  map,  bus,  wish,  cup,  book,  clock,  six,  quiz

Science - Sheet

Watch -

Home Learning 17.11.21

English - Nibbles the book monster nibbled some objects around our school. He nibbled: the benches, the trees, the windows, the boxes, the doors, the dishes, the books, the bushes and the walls. 

We wrote a diary pretending to be Nibbles saying what we had eaten. We looked at which plurals had 's' and which had 'es' and some of us even used adjectives.

e.g. Today I was cheeky. I ate the glass windows and the tall trees.

Maths - We found the number bonds of 8 and 9. Can you find them all?

PE - We were throwing and catching large balls (at home this can be done with cushions or teddies). We also practised our aiming at skittles (bottles) and targets.

Home Learning 18.11.21

English (Handwriting) - We have been learning how to form the letter 'r' correctly and have been writing words that have 'r' in. We used this to practise the phonics sounds: or, ar, er, ir, ur, ear, air and ure. Can you think of a words for each sound?

Maths - We played games to find the number bonds of 10. We are trying to become fluent with these ones and know them off by heart.


History - We looked at the explorers Robert Falcon Scott and Matthew Henson and compared their journeys.

Robert Falcon Scott

Matthew Henson

Home Learning 19.11.21

Maths - Complete missing number questions using your number bonds.

5 + __ = 6     4 + __ = 10     7 + __ = 9      4 + __ = 8     2 + __ = 6

English - Reading comprehsion

DT - We tested out different root salads (carrot and sultana salad, coleslaw, beetroot salad and potato salad). We rated them and said which was our favourite and why.

Home Learning 22.11.21

Maths - Watch the lesson on comparing number bonds here: LESSON

English - Handwriting. We learning how to form the letter 'n' correctly and wrote words containing this letter.

RE - We watched a video on the Nativity story and sequenced the pictures on order.

Home Learning 23.11.21

Maths - We compared addition sentences using < > or =. What would go in these gaps?

3+4 __ 2+1         5+2 __ 6+1        4+4 __  5+1          7+3 ___ 5+5          4+2___5+2

English - We read a version of Jack and the beanstalk. We focused on the giant and found different adjectives that mean big. We then labled a picture of him with adjectives. E.g. bushy beard, long belt, huge legs, rosy cheeks.

Science - We learnt about what animals do when it gets close to Winter.

Sort these pictures.