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Year 6


Welcome to Year 6!

The Year 6 team:

Mr Vanstone (6V)

Miss Willington (6W - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Watson (6W - Thursday, Friday)

Miss Blackledge



London Kit List

London Kit List:

Children will need to take clothes that are suitable for the weather conditions and comfortable shoes as they will be doing lots of walking. A wash bag will also be required and appropriate nightwear.

Children will also need a small bag or rucksack to carry a water bottle and their lunch each day, as well as a wallet or purse with their spending money. 

Lots of time will be spent on the coach and therefore your child may wish to take something that they can entertain themselves with. Electronic devices (including phones) are not permitted. Children may wish to take items such as: reading books, notepads with pencils/pens and travel games for the bus journey.

Spending money: We are asking that the children take no more than £50 on the trip. Please click on the links below to look at the items in the shops- this will help you set your child's budget 

Be aware that the children will be responsible for carrying their own money. 

Click on the links to see items available to buy at the different locations:

The staff on the trip will be taking lots of picture so there is no need for your child to take a camera, however, if they wish to take a disposable camera or a digital camera (which must not be able to connect to the Internet), they will be expected to take full responsibility for it.  

Please provide a hearty packed lunch for the first day as we will not be eating at Giraffe until 6:30 in the evening. 

Long Term Plan


This term the Year 6 children will have PE on a Thursday with Sports Coaching Group and on a Tuesday with their class teacher.

On these days we ask that children come to school in their PE clothes rather than their school uniform.

Weather dependant they can wear their shorts and school coloured PE T- shirt and House PE sweatshirt. If the weather is cold, then tracksuit bottoms/leggings would be more suitable. Trainers are preferable to pumps as it is possible the children may be outdoors for some lessons.


Year 6 Weekly spellings. 

The children will be tested on 23.3.22 based on these words. There is a spelling shed assignment if you want to give that a go too!

New spelling pattern – silent letters 





Statutory word list- year 5/6 - words suggested by Pathways to Write 





Recently taught pattern – -tial- 




Previously taught pattern -silent letters – Y5 




Optional challenge word(s)  

based on The Island text 



Year 6 Homework

At the moment, the Year 6 homework is very similar each week. It is always set on a Friday and is completed by 8am on the following Wednesday. Children will be asked to write/stick their homework into their planners. If the child is off on a Friday, the expectation is that the child ask a friend or a teacher for the homework before the Wednesday deadline. 


Children in Year 6 are expected to read with an adult 3 times a week to ensure comprehension and decoding skills are in-line with the books they are reading. A signature in the planner will let us know that this has been done and house points will be awarded each week for meeting the expectations.

Accelerated Reader

Bug Club is in the process of being replaced by a new platform - Accelerated Reader. Children will be able to read well-known, recognised fiction and non-fiction books now and answer questions based on these books in order to determine their reading level.

Accelerated Reader accurately tracks the child's ability to understand the books within their range and will let the children know when they are able to move on to the next level in their reading. This no longer requires children to read on a screen in order to complete books, although questions will still be completed on the online platform. This will be done in school time. 



The children are set a minimum of 50 questions. These will either be as competitions, challenges, or assessments. The questions are set on the type of maths we have been learning about in school. 


Spellings are given out on a Wednesday and the children are tested the following Wednesday. The spellings we use are mapped in the school spelling curriculum and we may revisit some of them over the year to embed them.

Completing the work

To prepare the children for the demands of high school, homework is monitored by the class teachers each week.

To reward children for completing homework and learning spellings, there are lots of positive reinforcements in place to encourage them to make positive choices.

We will also let you know if your child has not completed their homework so that you are kept in the loop.

Thank you for your support.

Rocky Monster Show

Our end of Year play is The Rocky Monster Show. 

The lyrics to the songs are below:


The songs are available from Malcom Sircom's YouTube channel. 

The link is below: