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Please note that the school takes no responsibility for external links. All of the below links have been checked for suitability at the time of adding them to the website. Parents - please check them before the children use them.

Useful Information for children

Parents - you might need to talk to the children about what is happening in the world at the moment. 


Online Safety

Children will probably be using their internet-connected devices much more at the moment. Please help them to use the internet responsibly.

Below you will find links to different websites and resources that you can use for home learning. We will try to add new links when we hear of them!

English and Maths

Home learning packs for daily home learning


Art and Design

Creative activities for home learning


During the school closure lots of authors are sharing their stories online.

Colouring Sheets and Puzzles

What a nice calm way to keep busy.


Reading and Writing home learning


Sites suitable for Early Years (Reception)


Online resources for learning French

General Resources

Ideas for things to do home!


Learn about places and the world around us


Learn about the past


Online coding and ICT learning


Try to keep practising your times tables, number bonds and skills like doubling and halving.

Here are some other websites that you could visit to keep up with your home learning.

Resources from First4Maths


Making music is one of the best things to do to keep ourselves happy and express our feelings

Outdoor Learning

Ideas for outdoor learning during school closures


Keep active!


Keep up with your phonics!


Practical science ideas for you to try at home