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I need to speak to a member of staff

I need to pass on a message to a class teacher.

If you wish to contact a teacher regarding a query, please feel free to see them at the end of the school day when collecting your child. Alternatively you can pass a message to the class teacher via the member of staff that is at the door in the morning.

If your query is urgent, please contact the School Office on 01270 663619 for assistance.

I have a concern about…

If you have any concerns about your child in school then we are here to listen and help.

The class teacher is always the best person to contact as they know your child and have day to day contact with them.  
There are a number of ways that you can let us know about your concern.  Please choose the one that is most helpful for you:

  • Contact your child's class teacher at the end of the school day to discuss your concern or to make an appointment with them if you need to talk with them privately;

  • Phone school to make an appointment to speak to the class teacher. Your message will be passed on them and a mutually convenient time can be agreed to meet.


If the issue is more urgent you may need to contact the Vice Principal or Assistant Principal via the School Office on 01270 663619.

If you have met with the class teacher and then passed your concern on to the Senior Leadership Team and are still not satisfied it is vital that you make an appointment to meet with the Principal.  We are sure that we can work with you to resolve your concerns. 

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome then please refer to our Complaints Policy.

I need to pass on a message to my child.If you need to pass on an important message to a child, please contact the school office on 01270 663619.  If this message could be kept until the end of the day that would be really helpful as we are busy in school. Thank you.

I want to tell the school about improvements that I have noticed

We are constantly working extremely hard to provide outstanding learning experiences within a vibrant and secure environment.. As such, it is wonderful to receive comments on how we are doing. 


If you would like to pass on any comments, please print and complete our parent communication form and e-mail us at:


Or alternatively, you could return it to us at:
Wistaston Church Lane Academy

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