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Important Information

Opening times

The Infant school day starts at 8.55am and the day ends at 3.15pm.

The school day for pupils in Key Stage two starts at 8.45am and the day ends at 3.25pm. The doors open just before 8.40am to allow children to come into school and settle, ready to start the day.


Bringing Devices Into School

Pupils should not be bringing any electronic devices including mobile phones, tablets and smart watches without prior agreement with the class teacher. Children below Year Five should not bring suck items in at all. The school and staff accept no liability for loss or damage to devices being brought into school.

Mobile Phones: these will be locked away and kept safely by the class teacher.

Tablets: these will be locked away and kept safely by the class teacher.

Smart watches: these may be worn but parents should ensure that their capabilities have been limited so that the cannot be used to record sound, record video, take photos or communicate with others.


School will provide pupils with pens, pencils, an eraser, a pencil sharpener and a ruler at the start of the year. All other equipment, such as pencil cases, should be provided from home.

Water Bottles

We believe that access to fresh water is important to help children to concentrate and learn. Each child is supplied with a water bottle when joining the school (kindly purchased by The Friends). Replacement water bottles can be ordered from the school office.

Lost Property

There is a significant amount of property that is lost at Wistaston Church Lane Academy. The vast majority of lost items are parts of school uniform. This policy explains our approach to managing it.


Named Items of Clothing

All items of clothing should be named by parents and carers. If an item of clothing is named then there is a very high chance that it can be found. If an item is found it will be returned to the named child, or a sibling.


Unnamed Items of Clothing

When items of clothing are found unnamed this will be passed to the School Office. The item will be stored until the end of the term. During the last couple of weeks of each term, the lost property will be displayed on the playground at the end of the school day. Any remaining items will be disposed of by either being made available for second hand purchase to parents and carers, kept as spare items in school or given to a charity shop.


Other Lost Items

Any non-clothing items will be kept until the end of term and then disposed of by either being made available for second hand purchase to parents and carers, used within the school, given to a charity shop or disposed of where we cannot find a use.


High Value Items

High value items, or large amounts of money, should not be brought into school. If a high value item is lost, it will be kept at the School Office and every effort will be made to make parents and carers aware of the item, without disclosing information. If necessary, items will be passed to the police. If an owner cannot be found, the items will be used by the school or given to a charity shop.



The school accepts no liability for lost or damaged items, including named and high value items.