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Information Packs

Once our intake is confirmed in early May we will contact families to inform them of our welcome to school process. The pack, which is posted out, includes some important forms which will help us to learn more about the children.

Nursery Visits

During the Summer Term the Reception Team will arrange a visit to your child's nursery or setting. We will spend some time with your child and with their key worker. At this visit a letter from the teachers will be given to your child.

Learning Together Sessions

During the Summer Term before starting school we run sessions for parents/carers and children to play and have fun together in their new learning environment. The sessions are very informal and provide an opportunity for you all to familiarise yourselves with the indoor and outdoor provision.

Children's Visits

The introduction to our school is really important and so we arrange for the children to have two visits before starting school. These visits will involve your child attending one morning session and one afternoon session. They will be within a small group of around 15 learners with both Reception teachers working alongside.

Information Evening

We hold an evening for parents/carers in July where you'll be able to meet our staff, find out more about the Early Years (Reception) Curriculum, visit the learning environment and learn more about the school.


At this evening parents/carers will be given a Welcome Pack with items to support and guide the children's learning over the summer.

Starting School in September

Although dates and times may vary, our principle for starting school is to phase children into the new environment. Therefore the children begin with half a day in school on the first day. This increases to staying for the whole day within the first week at school.

Frequently Asked Questions


My child is still in nappies. Can they come to school?
We would like children to be toilet trained when they come to school although there are sometimes exceptional reasons why this doesn't happen (usually due to a special educational need). Here's some more information to help you.

Will my child be happy at school?
Our main goals are for children to be happy at school and  to enjoy learning. We believe that if we can get this right, children will thrive. Research says that parents believe happiness at school is more important than test results.

My child is still unable to get dressed independently. When will they be expected to do this at school? When will PE start?

PE sessions begin as soon as your child starts school, but they will not be expected to change into PE kits until after October half-term. To begin with, children are encouraged to take off their clothes one item at a time as a class and teachers will talk them through this. Lots of children require some support with certain items (eg. Jumpers) but we encourage them to be as independent as possible when changing.

How does the school dinner system work?

When your child starts school, they will be entitled to free school meal until they start Key Stage Two. Dinner choices are divided into four options each day; a main option, a vegetarian option, a jacket potato option and a sandwich option. The dinner system also works across a three week time frame and the choices are set at the beginning of the year for each specific day and week. A menu will be sent home at the beginning of term and it will also be displayed outside your child’s classroom. Your child’s class teacher will explain the different options each morning and order your child’s choice ready for lunch time. We need to be informed of any food intolerances or allergies prior to your child starting school so that we can cater to these.

Will my child be able to play with children who are in the alternate class?

Yes. Some of your child’s lessons will take place within their class, with their class teacher. However, both reception classes are currently mixed for sessions such as maths and phonics. This allows practitioners to tailor the learning more closely to your child’s specific learning needs. Your child will also have the opportunity to mix with children from the alternate class during Busy Bee Learning time. This is when children are provided with the opportunity to learn through play and it takes place throughout each day in between lessons.

Will my child have access to both outdoor learning areas?

Yes. We ensure that both classes both have access to both outdoor learning environments each day, so your child will have frequent opportunities to use both.
Do I need to send in a snack for my child?

No. We ask that you do not send in a snack because the children are given fresh fruit to snack on each day at snack time until they begin Key Stage Two.

How long will my child be expected to sit on the carpet for when they start school?

When your child starts school, carpet-based lessons will be approximately 15 minutes long. Maths, English and phonics sessions will take place on a daily basis and topic sessions will also take place frequently. These sessions will be active, engaging and tailored to the interests and learning needs of your child.

How is reading assessed and when will my child receive a reading book?

Your child will receive a reading book during their first half-term at school. Books are divided into colour bands based on the level of comprehension and the reading skill required. Children are read with by a member of staff at least once every two weeks and your child can be moved up onto the next book band at any time. We encourage you to support your child with their reading at home by reading frequently and discussing stories as you read them. We also offer a phonics information evening in the Autumn term during which we discuss some useful strategies to support reading.

How are children divided into classes?

After the nursery visits have taken place, the EYFS team will sort your child into an appropriate class. We aim to ensure that each child has at least one familiar friend in their own class, although the two classes do frequently mix together. Your child will also be sorted into a colour team at this time. If they have older siblings, we will take their colour team into account when allocating one for your child.

What uniform do I need to purchase and how can I purchase it?

The uniform for boys consists of grey trousers or shorts, black shoes, a white shirt or polo top and a navy jumper. The uniform for girls consists of a navy jumper, grey skirt, a grey dress or grey trousers, a white polo top or shirt, black shoes and blue checked summer dresses with white socks in the summer. Uniform can be ordered from the school office or alternatively can be purchased online or from a supermarket.

How can I prepare my child for school?

We encourage you to attend the school readiness talk that will take place in the summer prior to your child starting school. We will discuss the structure of a typical day at school and how to prepare your child during this particular evening. You will also be provided with your child’s homework folder containing some useful activities to work on at home and you will be informed of your child’s class and team colour.

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