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Interventions and Targeted Support

Sometimes children needs some additional support or a form of intervention to help them make progress.


What is additional support?

If a child has found something difficult, often a teacher or teaching assistant will provide some support either in the lesson or at a different time to try to help the child to understand or make progress.

This additional support can be a one off or it might be more regular, depending on the needs of the child.

Higher attaining pupils may also require additional support.

Sometimes we may ask parents to offer additional support at home.

Additional support is nothing for parents to be concerned about.


What is an intervention?

Sometimes children need a more structured intervention programme to help them to make progress. Such programmes are designed to be ongoing over a period of time. Class teachers may discuss these with you at parents' evening. If a child receives an intervention in school this is nothing for parents to be concerned about, although you may wish to find out more about it. We try to record these in your child's Reading Record.

List of interventions at Church Lane