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At Wistaston Church Lane Academy we are committed to safeguarding our learners and ensuring that all of their needs are met.


Everyone who works in the school has a responsibility to keep our children safe. It is our belief that no child should suffer harm or neglect, either at home or at school.


We feel that it is important that both children and adults feel comfortable in our learning environment and confident to speak out about concerns or worries.

Our Safeguarding Team


Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL): Mr James Bancroft

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Steph Watson

Safeguarding Team: Mrs Angela Culshaw, Miss Kim Potts and Miss Wendy Stones

Governor with Safeguarding responsibility: Mrs Lesley Meaney

Acting Chair of Local Advisory Board: Dr Audrey Skidmore


If you need to speak to a member of staff regarding a concern, please ask to speak to our a member of the Safeguarding Team at the School Office.

All staff take their responsibilities seriously and the children are taught that they can speak to any adult. All staff undergo safeguarding training led by the Cheshire East SCIES Team and they are regularly updated in staff meetings or via our safeguarding communication boards.

All adults within our school are DBS checked and all safer recruitment checks are made. Visitors must wear visible lanyards.

Concerns about a member of staff must be reported to Mr Bancroft or our Chair of Governors, Mr John Harrison. They can be contacted at the School Office.

Regular attendance at school is essential. We promote this through school assemblies and newsletters. Regular lateness or non-attendance is a cause for concern. Please visit our Attendance and Punctuality page.

Operation Encompass

Our school is part of a project, which is run between Cheshire East schools and Cheshire Police.  The project called Operation Encompass, has been designed to provide early reporting of any domestic violence incidents that occur outside school, which might have an impact on a child in school.  This is done through a phone call to school following an incident.

The project ensures that at least one member of the school staff, known as the Key Adult, is trained to liaise with the police and to use the information that has been shared, in confidence.

In this way, we aim to support each child who has been involved in, or witnessed, a domestic abuse incident.  The Key Adult at Wistaston Church Lane Academy is Mr James Bancroft. If he receives an Encompass call he will make sure that a person the child trusts is available to help – if the child needs this.  Most of the time this support is silent; keeping a careful eye on him or her and make sure the child has a calm school day. The confidential information is ordinarily not shared with all staff, just an agreement on how to help, if needed.


All schools have a duty to share any information with other organisations if they feel a child is at risk of being hurt. The Key Adult may contact other organisations.  This is described in our Safeguarding and Child Protection policy.


The sharing of information from the Police allows the school to be ready to help your child straight away, and it means that parents are aware that the Key Adult knows that something has happened.  Parents can come and talk to our Key Adult.  The Key Adult can point you towards other people that can help.  Our aim is to support children and their families.

Prevent Strategy

Prevent is a government strategy designed to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terorist or extremist causes. Schools have a duty to protect children from extremist and violent views the same way we protect them from other dangers. Importantly, we can provide a safe place for pupils to discuss these issues so they better understand how to protect themselves.


Much of our strategy is delivered through our teaching and our ethos and values. We have a duty to address any concerns that are identified.


Safety Squad

We aim to involve our children in Safeguarding. Our Safety Squad is a pupil council made up of pupils in Years Five and Six who have an interest in keeping our school safe. These children are responsibility for completing safety inspections, making and putting up posters, delivering assemblies and running competitions. They explore topics such as road safety, stranger danger, sun safety, anti-bullying and 'people whom we can talk to.'

Guidance For Parents


As we source items to support parents and carers we will add them here.