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School Sports Days

We run a sports day annually for every child. We believe in promoting competitive sports but also promoting participation and enjoyment. We find that running a team-based sports day for the Infants and a more traditional race event for the Juniors gives children the chance to succeed.

Junior Sports Day

On the day, children in Key Stage Two take part in three out of five track events: sprint, sack, bean bag, 500 metres and the relay.

A few days before the event the children take part in our field events: javelin and long jump

2019 Sports Day Winners

A History of Junior Sports Day Winners


2019 Mow Cop Captains: Harry York, Harry Jackson, Eagan Palombella and Hannah Wildman
2018 Mow Cop Captains: Ruby Gidman, Olivia Goodwin, Isaac Stubbs and Will Thomas
2017 Peckforton Captains: Chloe Poulson-Green and Kieran Prestwich
2016 Peckforton Captains: Olivia Xiourouppa and Lucas Carabine
2015 Peckforton Captains: Missy Haysom and Liam Prestwich
2014 Peckforton Captains: Kaela Redmond and Charlie Collins
2013 Peckforton Captains: Ellie Davis and Richard Burgess
2012 Beeston Captains: Caitlin Barber and George Raiswell
2011 Peckforton Captains: Aimee Wakeham and Thaddaeus Chenery
2010 Beeston Captains: Alexandra Chenery and James Morris
2009 Cholmondeley Captains: Selina O'Neill and Ben Curry
2008 Beeston Captains: Lucy Benson and Jack Baskerville
2007 Cholmondeley Captains: Charlotte Curry and Corey Wallinger
2006 Mow Cop Captains: Ellie Barnett and Andy Harding
2005 Peckforton Captains: Nicole Dykes and Leo Davies
2004 Peckforton Captains: Casey Wallinger and Jack Gray
2003 Peckforton Captains: Sophie Patrick and Joe Gammage
2002 Mow Cop  
2001 Cholmondeley  


Field Events School Records

(Records have been kept since 2016)


Javelin Boys Girls
Year Six

Will Thomas (2018): 23.7m

Kieran Prestwich (2017): 23.4m

Macy Todd (2016): 14.8m

Year Five

Will Thomas (2017): 21.7m

Jessie Adams (2017): 17.7m

Year Four

Wilf Williams (2017): 19.2m

Lara Sloane (2019): 12.2m

Isla Howard (2018): 11.3m

Year Three

Oscar Skade (2018): 18.2m

Wilf Williams (2016): 17.1m

Isla Howard (2017): 10.8m


Long Jump Boys Girls
Year Six

Will Calder (2016): 3.8m

Chloe Poulson-Green (2017): 4.1m

Year Five

Wilf Williams (2018): 4.2m

Adam Oliver (2016): 3.4m

Claudia Barratt (2018): 3.4m

Daisy Jenkins, Hollie Edgeley, Emilymay Stockton, Molly Poulson-Green (2016): 2.6m

Year Four

James Hough (2018): 3.6m

Wilf Williams (2017): 3.5m

Grace Davies (2019), Isabelle Wagg (2017) and Claudia Barratt (2017): 3m

Mia O'Donnell (2018): 2.3m

Year Three

Harry York (2016) and Thomas York (2018): 3.2m

Mia Breeze (2019): 2.9m

Isabelle Wagg (2016): 2.8m


Infant Sports Day


Our Infant event is an opportunity for children to have a go at seven different activities, earning points for their team. It's a fun, interactive event in which parents can also get involved!

A history of Infant Sports Day winners

Year Winners Runners Up Third Fourth
2019 Mow Cop Beeston Cholmondeley Peckforton
2018 Mow Cop Cholmondeley Beeston Peckforton
2017 Mow Cop Beeston Peckforton Cholmondeley