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Year 4 Home Learning during school closure

Hello Year 4


Welcome to the week beginning 6/07/2020. Your new timetable is up and has all the pages and the websites for you to do over the week. Read the timetable carefully, as different types of activities are being set each day. Sometimes you will be required to complete pages in the CGP books, watch and take part in a Video Lesson, write on paper, or on Sumdog Challenges.



We will be looking at Angles, Triangles and Quadrilaterals this week through White Rose, Bitesize and the CGP books.



We will be looking at Limericks and Inference in our Video Lessons along with Newspapers texts on Bitesize. By the end of the week you will have made your own Limerick poem and newspaper report.



We would love you to send us your work that you are completing each week. You can take a picture of it, or attach it as a copy if you have used the computer/tablet to do your work. The address to send it to is . Make sure you tell us who it is from and we will show some of our favourite pieces of work we get sent. If anyone has a video of them performing their Haiku aloud please send in, they will be rewarded on Bug Club and Sum Dog!






Timetable Week beginning 22nd June 2020

Summer 2 Week 1 timetable

Try and make this Dino head

Brain Challenge!!

Can you unscramble these anagrams of fruit and vegetables? I'll update with the answers next Friday.

1) LAPEP -apple                    2) CHAPINS -spinach

3) PAGERS   -grapes                4) AIR FLOW CLUE -cauliflower

5) BERRY WARTS -strawberry                6) ECO GUTTER -courgette

7) CRUMB CUE -cucumber             8) NANAAB -banana

9) SEBNA -beans        10) MEAN TROWEL -watermelon


CHALLENGES-  11) FIG RAPTURE -grapefruit    12) CAB CART KNURL -blackcurrent 


Hello everyone,


A friend of mine has asked if we could send some letters to some people in the care home she works in. These will be elderly ladies and gentlemen who are not able to see the visitors they normally would due to the risk of infection. 


It would be lovely if you could take a few minutes of your day to write them a letter explaining who you are and what you have been up to this week. Below, you will find some ideas of things to tell them and the address to send your letters to. Don't forget to include your address if you would like a reply. You may not necessarily receive a letter in return, as some of the residents may not be able to write anymore but you have far more chance than if you don't include your address :) 


You do not have to include your address of course. It would still mean a lot to the people in the home to hear about what you have been getting up to.


Tell them:

-what you enjoy doing in/out of school

-about your family or any pets you have

-what you have been up to in this first week of the schools being closed
-what you would like to know from them

-that you hope they are keeping well 


The address is:


To someone special

Eresby Hall

Ancaster Avenue


PE23 5HT



A letter to you all