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Year Six

Welcome to Y6


Meet the team:

  • Miss Willington- Y6W  class teacher
  • Mrs Culshaw- Y6C  class teacher
  • Mrs O'Donnell
  • Miss Blackledge
  • Mrs Dunbobbin- Cover and intervention support
  • Sportscape- PE specialists



Autumn 1

Topic: World War 2

English book study: Friend or Foe by Michael Morporgo

Maths: Place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division

Science: Micro-organisms

Visits: Eden Camp

Autumn 2

Topic: World War 2

English book study: Anne Frank Diary, Rose Blanche by Ian McEwan and Roberto Innocenti

Maths: Multiplication and Division, Problem solving, fractions + and -

Science: Evolution and adaptation

Visitor: Mr Jason King

Spring 1

Topic: Titanic

English book study: Kaspar Prince of Cats by Michael Morporgo

Maths: Fractions x and /, fractions, decimals and percentages, ratio

Science: Light

Visit: Liverpool Maritime Museum

Spring 2

Topic: Titanic

English book study: Survivors, Extraordinary tales from the wild and beyond by David Long

Maths: Ratio, Algebra, position and direction

Science: Light

Summer 1

English: SATs revision 

Maths: properties of shape, statistics and SATs revision

Science: Animals including humans

Visit: London Residential

Summer 2

Topic: Hollywood- America 

Geography: Rivers and mountains

English book study: Clockwork by Phillip Pullman

Maths: Real life problem solving

Science: Animals including humans

Event: End of year play